New family club consolidates new trend in SBR tournaments in Russia

The family club “Panda in the Chest” held in Moscow in May 2024 its first SBR mahjong tournament. 16 players gathered in the place called “Chest”, where many pieces of its inventory could be made by visitors by their own hands during the numerous creative workshops. Although, the key fact is that the vast majority of tournament participants represent “clans”, that is, players from the SAME family.

The new trend began in October 2022 when the first tournaments of the “Junior+” format (that is, tournaments with the participation of juniors — children 8-15 years old) took place at the Meridian Culture Center in Moscow. Since that time, a dozen of such tournaments took place. As a rule, parents also participate in tournaments along with juniors, forming “clans”. A typical clan of two players consists of: parent and a child, or two siblings, or two spouses.

The tournament in the “Panda in the Chest” club continues and consolidates the “family ties” trend. However, during that tournament the new achievement has been reached, the participation of clans of THREE people, and there were three such clans!

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