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Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-yuan is a deputy bureau public institution subordinate to  Hangzhou Publicty Department. In 2004, The National Management Center of Qi and Bridge sports approved Hangzhou Qi-yuan to become Hangzhou Branch of China Qi-yuan, which is the exclusive branch of China Qi-yuan.

Hangzhou Branch has been authorized by MIL to carry out the certification for the level and skills of Mahjong Players in China mainland, since 2022. The two MIL quthorized centers for Mahjong competion and training, and Mahjong players certification has issued the main measures to follow up.


中棋杭〔2023〕2号中国棋院杭州分院关于印发《 麻将运动技术技能等级评定管理办法( 修订版) 》 的通知