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The 3rd Annual MCR Marathon, a long-term…
7 junior players (aged 8-15 y.o.)

About MIL

Mahjong International League (MIL) is a global Mahjong organization conducted by the International Mind Sports Association, including formal Mahjong associations from more than 50 countries and regions of five continents. MIL was established in July 2015 based on the existing NMOs (National Mahjong Organizations) around the world, with the headquarter located in Lausanne, Switzerland.
MIL initiates the duplicate format for the Mahjong competitions, which decrease the lucky factors effectively among the traditional Mahjong games. It is an important innovation to show a fair game and sublimate Mahjong from a game for fun to a real mind sport. 

MIL becomes the 6th formal member of International Mind Sports Association in April 2017. By inheriting the idea of mind sports, MIL standardizes Mahjong as a competitive sport to bring Mahjong into mind sports games or even the Olympic Games. MIL recognizes MCR(Mahjong Competition Rules) , Riichi Rules and Sichuan Rules as the main 3 international competition rules, and regards more local rules to be sportified to increase the base of population of competitive Mahjong players.

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