Online platform to run MIL's acknowledged international rules: MCR, Riichi and SBR

Online platform which supports MCR, Duplicate MCR, SBR, Duplicate SBR and Riichi rulesets. The platform is certified by the MIL to run official duplicate mahjong tournaments. In October 2020, the 1st Online European MCR Duplicate Championship was held on Mahjongsoft, where 116 players from 17 countries participated. For the last year the platform runs MCR marathon which more than 500 players from 20+ countries took part in. Mahjongsoft has also an educational aspect where mahjong books and educational materials can be downloaded. Mahjongsoft, as a feature, also allows to run”in-group” online game and tournaments. We are always looking forward to provide better mahjong services to mahjong players all over the world!

Competition contractor designated by MIL: Beijing Runze Intelligence

Beijing Runze Intelligence Consulting Development Co., Ltd., established in 2020, is a comprehensive management consulting company focusing on organization and execution of mind sports competition, marketing promotion, etc. Adhering to the spirit of “player first, and intelligence creates happiness”, the company provides offline services for various large international intelligence organizations.