China Mahjong Federation Association Cup Open About to Start Nationwide Masters Gather in Beijing

Mahjong, among the quintessences of the traditional Chinese culture, has become more standardized and competitive and has just been recognized by International Mind Sports Association this year. With the trend of “Internet plus”, various types of mahjong network organizations have also emerged and developed rapidly, and Sichuan Selection Trial that just ended is a grand event featuring network organization elites.

Closely following Sichuan Selection Trial, Beijing Selection Trial is about to kick off . China Mahjong Federation Association Cup Open – The Beijing Selection Trial of the World Mahjong Sports Games is a mater-level contest. The contest will be held from November 10 to 12, and mahjong masters who come from mahjong associations officially registered throughout the country will participate. They have very rich practical experience, and will certainly dedicate high-level games one after another to global audience in the live broadcast.

As an important selection trial of World Mahjong Sports Games, China Mahjong Federation Association Cup Open is organized by China Mahjong Federation Association, co-organized by Mahjong Sports Branch of Tianjin Sports Federation and Beijing Fangzhuang Mind Mahjong Sports Club and assisted by Qingdao Mahjong Sports Association, Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir Zui Hu Association, Liaoyang Chess and Card Sports Association, etc., the venue is located at Beijing SMZY Mind Sports Hall.

This competition uses MCR certified by Mahjong International League (MIL) that the top 8 players will be qualified for the 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games MCR as individuals and bonuses provided by sponsors.

The two major co-organizers of this China Mahjong Federation Association Cup Open – Tianjin Sports Federation Mahjong Sports Branch and Beijing Fangzhuang Mind Mahjong Sports Club are group members of the China Mahjong Federation Association. At the same time, they are competitive Mahjong organizations in China with deep accumulation and rich operating experience. New and old members of various organizations are unprecedentedly enthusiastic about participating in the competition, many famous master predecessors have come back, and the exciting competition deserves expectations.

It is worth mentioning that the venue for the competition is SMZY Mind Sports Hall.which is called the “first national Mind Sports Hall.”. Geoffrey Borg, Executive Director of International Mind Sports Association, personally recorded a video celebrating the opening of the intelligence arena, and Mahjong International League and World Card Games Association authorized the implementation of major tournaments in the intelligence arena. China Mind Sports Network, China Mind Sports Industrial Base and Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing City have provided great support. Domestic card and chess giants, such as Zeus Entertainment, online tuyoo, Wanbei Poker, etc., and investment funds have established long-term business cooperation with SMZY Intelligence Arena. Liu Shuqing, vice-chairman of New LeEco Management Committee, former senior vice president of Youku Tudou and other famous people also attended the event personally.

SMZY Mind Sports Hall., including 5 studios, supporting LED-based lighting, a full set of HD broadcast equipment, real-time matting equipment, 3D motion capture and other functions, will provide solid basic support for this event.

Meizu will provide technical equipment for the event, Tangbang will provide competition equipment for the event, Reocar will provide vehicle services for participants, and 369 Entertainment will provide full support for the event as a contributing partner.

China Mahjong Federation Association Cup Open can be regarded as a major event for the Chinese professional players, and let’s wait and see.

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