NBR — Ningbo Rules

Ningbo Rules (NBR)

(Presented by Ningbo Shangri-La hotel, on 25 October, 2016)


1. 7 wild tiles are adopted.

2. Pung is allowed but Chow is not allowed. Only self-drawn winning is allowed.

3. 4-point-minimum for winning. Winning is limited in full flush, half flush, all pungs and all honors (full flush is 4 points, half flush and all pungs are 2 points each, all honors winning is 20 points and no-winning is 10 points).

4. Player draw all 7 wild tiles or all 8 flowers got 20 points for winning or 10 points for not-winning.

5. Single wait, melded hand, closed wait, edge wait, two-pair wait, out of replacement tile, last tile, no wild tile are 1 point for each.

6. Pung of dragon, prevalent wind, seat wind are 1 point for each. Seat flower is 1 point.

7. If a player pungs from an opponent for 3 times, the deal occurs. The other two players may choose to follow or not. The winning points would be multiplied by 5 times

8. Robbing the kong and wild tile discard are allowed. In each case the winning points would be multiplied by 5 times.

9. The wild card cannot be taken back once discarded. The player who made false winning pays each opponent 5 points and the game continues.

10. The east changes in the case of wall exhaustion. Wall exhaustion and same dice number don’t cause point double.

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