2nd World Mahjong Mind Games postponed and will come soon

– Due to complex policy factors, the 2nd World Mahjong Mind Games has to be postponed. Where will it finalize? Let us wait and see.


After long negotiating with potential partners and sponsors, the MIL Tournament Commission officially announced that the 2nd World Mahjong Mind Games (WMMG) will be held in Taipei city, from 17 to 25 November, 2018.


The basic information of this big event as a Mahjong Olympic is as followings:

1. Event: the 2nd World Mahjong Mind Games (the 2018 WMMG)

2. Guidance Institution: International Mind Sports Association (IMSA)

3. Hosts:

Main-host: Mahjong International League (MIL)

Co-host: Chinese Taipei Mahjong Association

4. Dates: 17 to 25 November, 2018 (Any micro-adjustment will be released before 15 July)

5. Host City: Taipei (The destination airport is TPE)

6. Venue (temporarily):

The HQ of Chinese Taipei Mahjong Association

the address: 558-1, Zhongfeng Road, Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Chinese Taipei (中国台北桃园市龙潭区中丰路558-1)

7. Event schedule:

1 team event for MCR (team duplicate);

3 individual events for MIL official international rules, including MCR(Mahjong Competition Rules), SBR (Sichuan Bloody Rules) and RCR (Riichi Competition Rules);

open for bidding for other exhibition events of more local rules

8. Qualifications: (All the selection trials and qualified players will be public soon)

MIL formal members can send at least 1 team for the team event;

For the 3 main individual events, all quotas are distributed to the selection trials organized by MIL and MIL members, and all the interested organizations can apply for the selection trials by match@mahjong-mil.org;

Open registration for exhibition events

9. Registration fee: Free registration for all the qualified players

10. Potential benefits for the qualified players:

1) Cheaper hotels with contracts-price

2) Subsidy for the qualified players` air tickets is under negotiating (no promise)

11. Detailed schedule, requirements and all activities will be posted when available before 15 July, 2018.

More comments and information, please don`t hesitate to contact mil@mahjong-mil.org


Though the General Secretary of MIL, Mr. Wenlong Li has released the initial news orally during the closing ceremony of 2018 Danish MCR Open in May, the working group appointed by MIL was unfortunately not able to obtain the final signed agreements with the local partners and sponsors in Suzhou by 25 May. Due to the potential policy risk about the online cards & tiles games by the new ministry, MIL`s local partners decided to wait for the clear situation of coming policies, which means all the stakeholders can’t sign the final contracts to move the big event on before the deadline.


Even though the China Majiang Federation has in the same time made the basic agreement with the Haikou partner to provide free hotels and foods during the initial WMMG dates by 5 June, MIL has so to delay the 2018 WMMG supposed in August to November and apologize for the inconvenience for all qualified players. All the players who has bought the air-tickets for August, are asked to send emails to match@mahjong-mil.org or via your coordinators. MIL will cover the losses for changing or cancelling fee of the air-tickets.


After the negotiating and investigation for Chinese Taipei`s host application, the MIL Tournament Commission finally approved the substitute host, who will cover all the sponsorship MIL required. The Chinese Taipei Mahjong Association has the great passion to host the first most big event after Mahjong recognized as an international mind sport.


There will still be more selection trials and tournaments planning before November, and more applications are encouraged.

1) Event: Individual Selection trial for MCR – Taipei Station

Dates: 7 to 8 July, 2018

Location: Taipei City

2) Event: Team Selection for Chinese National Team (MCR)/ Individual

Dates: 9 to 12 August, 2018 (Preliminary); 8 to 9 September, 2018 (Final)

Location: Beijing or Hefei City, China

3) Event: Individual Selection trial for Riichi Rules – Beijing Station

Dates: 24 to 26 August, 2018

Location: Beijing

4) Event: Duplicate mahjong tournament for NMJL

Dates: 21 to 22 October, 2018

Location: Atlantic City, USA


MIL keeps working on the great goals for global Mahjong development as

1) Promoting Mahjong not only cultural exchange but also skilled competition among different communities;

2) Promoting Mahjong as a real mind sports all over the world, finally to the Olympic Games;

3) Promoting Mahjong as a modern sport to bring more benefits to the players;

4) Providing a world-wide platform for all partners to achieve WINs.

Our Goal

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